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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

** We no longer add news or updates on this website.  Please see Randy DeFord on FACEBOOK.**


NEW - GOING HI-DEFINITION IN 2012.  We have just added Hi-Def capabilities to our roster and will

 be putting that capability in place for 2012,  along with our audio and SD services!!


Oak Road MultiMedia is an audio/video production studio located just south of Monticello, Indiana. We specialize in original audio and video, composition, business and industrial video, educational/training video and media transfer.  We also produce independent film for festival screening and music videos.  We are a mutliple award winning production house (see Awards).

What is media transfer? Over the years, many forms of media have developed and evolved. Audio has ¼" reel to reel, vinyl LPs and 45s, cassette, DAT (4 mm) Tape, CD and even 8-track cartridges. Video has VHS, S-VHS, 8 mm, Mini DV ,AVI and other numerous digital formats.  We can transfer your old format to a newer one…or analog to digital. For example, LP to CD, or reel to reel to CD.  It all adds up to archiving...transferring that important or cherished media to another type.

Equipment : We utilize  MACKIE DESIGN mixers, STEWART amplification, TASCAM, TEAC and PIONEER reel to reels (both quarter track and half track) , DELL Workstations, YAMAHA, ROLAND and E-MU synthesis/samplers/modules, PANASONIC and SONY analog and digital camcorders, and PreSonus, Aphex, ART, dbx, Alesis, Lexicon, Peavey, Ashley ,Furman, JL Cooper and Opcode processors.  We have 24 track digital recording capability. and MIDI for composition and mastering.

We also have the capability to transfer older Beta tapes with our SONY SUPER BETAMAX HI-FI !!  (Holy 80s, Batman!)

Oak Road MultiMedia is owned and operated by Randy DeFord, Originally from Logansport, IN, Mr. DeFord is a musician, composer and videographer with several award winning projects to his name. These include comedy shorts, full length features and custom videos. His work has been featured in such publications as GUITAR PLAYER, MIX, VIDEOMAKER, POST, TASCAM ON SOUND, and VIDEO SYSTEMS (see downloads), and various websites. He is also a mechanical and software engineer, giving him a unique understanding of industrial and manufacturing related projects. He has given video software reviews, as well as articles for SPRINGS, WIRE TECHNOLOGY, CIRCLE TRACK and MACHINE DESIGN magazines.  He was a published columnist for SPRINGS magazine and was recently invited to be published in the industry's Italian publication, Mollificio Notizie. His career in mechanical design reached 40 years in 2013.  He is presently writing a technical column for WIRE FORMING TECHNOLOGY INT.

Mr. DeFord is also a staff writer for CULT MACHINE webzine, a magazine dedicated to cult films, books and music.  We love the underdog and feature those making waves in the entertainment business  www.cultmachine.com

Mr. DeFord has also been a member of SAE, ASME, ASQ, SME , APICS and SMI.

Oak Road MultiMedia,  is the only one stop shop in Northern Indiana offering both full audio and video services.  We handle it all from conception to packaging.

Audio services are original composition, mixing, mastering, sound design, radio ads, sweepers and jingles.  We also provide on-hold messaging for your telephone voice mail service.

Our video services include videography, editing and mastering to DVD.

Our media transfer can copy many tape formats or vinyl records to CD/digital.

We are studio partners with DiscMakers and can provide duplication services in any quantity.

We also offer the unique service called Cherished Videos that create lasting photo and/or video slide shows of birthdays, anniversaries, loved ones and other cherished life events.

Oak Road does NOT do event videography, such as birthdays or weddings.

Client list available upon request

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